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Quarantine mode on

We were used to a life full of activities, from going out to dinner to going to the supermarket or to work, but this year all this changed, we went from being busy all day to being at our house all day, but that does not mean that we can not make the best of this situation, that is why I am going to leave you some tips that can help you to get some ideas of what to do this quarantine that have helped me to make the best use of time, and remember to see this as an opportunity to do all the things that we never had enough time and also to create new habits.
Try cooking and baking, from a fit recipe to a really fat one, I decided to cook different things the first month and practice all the new recipes, to have a more varied menu, in addition to making my own recipe book so I can always have it at home.

 Oatmeal cookies & nutella pie

Try a new hobby, you can be surprised how much you may like it, for me it was floral design a photography, there are many online courses where you can find any type of course you may want to learn, I recommend "Coursera" they even give you a diploma.



Do some exercise, sometimes it is difficult because we don't know how long it’s going to take for us to go out, but remember to do it for yourself and to feel better, It has really helped me to start the day the best way possible, I recommend you to go out for a run, so you can get some fresh air, and I also recommend pilates and yoga, for me they are ideal to start the day and relax, you can do the Chloe ting challenge, or search for any class on Instagram, many coaches are giving their classes online take advantage of it.


Try new outfits, make dinner,  work harder than ever, be with your family, facetime, drink a glass of wine, shop online and do all the things you love, being home doesn't mean you have to stop doing all things you want, all the opposite, you can do all things just in a different way, as I told you bring the best of the situation, you won’t regret it, in fact I’m actually getting used to being inside all time, and I actually like it.


Here are some other ideas


*Organize your closet and phone

*Facetime with friends

*Complete a puzzle

*Read and read and read

*Take pictures

*Call that person you haven't spoken for a while

*Try your clothes, make outfits, and give away everything you don't want

*Knit or crochet

*Make a list of things you are thankful for

*Tie dye

*Learn a new language

*Do some gardening

...and do anything you always wanted to do but you never did.



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