Mix & Match Jewelry

Designed to combine different pieces, patterns and colors, to achieve the style you are looking for. Our entire collections are to be Mix & Matched. Feel the freedom, sensations and the emotions of having a bohemian style.

  • Find boho jewelry at Vösh Design, try our Botswana Agate Dangle Earrings and enjoy your lifestyle
  • Layered Hoop Earrings handwoven
  • Zen Cuff and Onix Chip Hoop Earrings, Vösh Design jewelry, Boho Jewelry

Nowhere Land - Fall Winter 2020/2021

Find our new pieces for this season, and make them part of your lifestyle.


We seek to give special attention to the details of each piece, to offer novel accessories with the highest quality. Made by a group of mexican women, who reflect all their love and compromise so you can have a piece with meaning.

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